"Zen and Bodhi are two koala bears on a snowy day, out to learn about the world. Where does snow come from? Where does wind go?
Lively verses are full of mischievous fun as Zen and Bodhi explore their world; rhythm and rhyme introduce the concept of impermanence to the very young in this magical, cozy bedtime story. The two koalas sniff, taste, hear, feel, and see, exploring their senses and the world around them. Gorgeous illustrations capture the wide-eyed awe of children in snowfall in vibrant color."
- Wisdom Books
First illustrations introducing Zen and Bodhi
Although these two illustrations didn't appear in Zen and Bodhi's Snowy Day,  I am ever so proud of them as they helped me and Gina find an amazing publisher Wisdom Books.  I felt very lucky to work with them as they were so friendly and cared a great deal about the book.
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